2. Core classes

The core classes are the classes which all the other ones are based upon. It comprehends:

2.1 The lg_scene class: This is the most important class in the library. If this library was a computer, this class would be its motherboard. This class describes the environment the game's on. It interconnects all of the other library modules. You should really take a look at the full blown documentation on this class, following the link above.

2.2 The lg_object class:
In the intrepid library, you describe everything as an object, except for backgrounds. Be it the clouds or the main character, this class describes position, angle and points to the video handler assigned to draw it onscreen. Just as with the lg_scene class, we strongly advise you to fully comprehend this class to make your experience the best possible with Intrepid.

2.3 The lg_video_handler class
This class defines the standard output being used by an object. Please check the link 2.3 to see how the video_handlers are defined, among other information. Please check section 3. Built-in video handlers to determine which one is appropiate for your needs.

2.4 General math library: Vector, point and line classes... Takes care of the linear algebra and analytical geometry stuff.

2.5 The common classes: These classes are widely used throughout the library and are very useful for many purposes. Some of them are used for:

-Drawing primitives, like lines and rectangles.
-Checking collisions
-Checking intersections

Please follow the link 2.5 to get more in-depth information.

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