Creating pack files

Intrepid site

  1. Download the most recently release
  2. Compile it if you have downloaded the source code
  3. Put in a directory all the files you want to put in the pack-file
  4. If you want, put the packer (or packer.exe if you use windows) in the same directory of the files above
  5. Open the terminal (or the cmd if you use windows) and go to the directory of the files
  6. Create a txt file, and put in each line a name of a file you want to pack. ex:


  7. now, save and close the file
  8. run the packer:
    linux: ./packer file_with_list pack_name
    windows: packer file_with_list pack_name
  9. that's it! in the directory it will appear the pack with the name you have chosen

If you have any troubles, ask your questions in our forum.
Eduardo Cruz