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The "creating an intrepid application" tutorials are the only ones packaged with the library binaries.

Simple Tutorials
Creating an intrepid application - Linux Download
Creating an intrepid application - Windows - Dev C++ Visit

The following examples are not packaged with the library binary. Please download the appropriate one from the download section (please check the version column).

Please note you only have to do this until we get to a stable state. Once we get settled, these should compile with any stable version.

Even though we've tested the examples with their appropriate versions, we think you may have some trouble compiling with the newer ones. If so, you may contact us, we'll be happy to help.

Screenshot Tutorial Description Download Version
Pixel Collision example Download 0.1 alpha
Super Crono World: physics scene demonstration Download 0.1 alpha
HOWTO: Creating Pack files. By using a pack file to distribute your project, you will decrease its download size and prevent players from tempering with your resource files. This is somewhat like the .pak files used in the Quake engine. We're proud of it! Visit 0.2 alpha
HOWTO: Creating a menu. This tutorial explains how to build a menu using the library's built-in textbox, radiobutton, checkbox and button components. This tutorial includes instructions on how to use the pack files described above. Also, look for the new way of loading background images. Download 0.2 alpha